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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the qualities of a Franchisee with The Coffee Club?

A. Like with any big business decision, considering if it’s the right fit for you is an important step in this journey. We are proud to recruit exceptional franchisees who share our vision and passion for the business.

If you are self-motivated, love working in a team environment, have good business acumen, understand the importance of customer service and have a passion for the The Coffee Club brand, then you have the qualities we need.

Q. What is involved in being a Franchisee with The Coffee Club?

A. Owning your own franchise is a hands-on job. We require all our franchisees to be highly committed and working within in their business. From the training of staff, making amazing coffee, delivering the highest level of customer service every time to being heavily involved within the community through local store marketing activities.

It’s all part of running a successful business and a very rewarding experience if pursued with the right passion, commitment and business acumen.

Q. Does The Coffee Club have a thorough recruitment and selection process?

A. Yes. We believe that Franchisee recruitment and selection is a key component of our network growth and success, our comprehensive recruitment and selection process reflects this.

We are looking for franchisees who not only share our passion for good food, great service and excellent coffee, but who are also passionate about building and running their own successful business. Our successful franchisees understand that the profitability of their business is often reliant on their commitment and contribution.

Q. Is investing in a franchise risk-free?

A. Investing in a franchised business allows new business owners to reduce risk when compared to investing in an independent business. Franchising offers the opportunity to access the management experience, training, marketing, supplier relationships and other benefits that come with an established franchise system. However, no business is without risk and it is important that all new franchisees take steps to educate themselves before making the decision to invest. We recommend that anyone interested in investing in a franchised business register for the free “Buying a Franchise – Pre-Entry Franchise Education Program” run online through Griffith University and sponsored by the Australian and Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). This free online program can be found at

Q. Should I seek independent advice before entering The Coffee Club’s franchise system?

A. Under the Franchising Code of Conduct all franchisors must advise a prospective Franchisee that they should obtain independent legal, business, and accounting advice. The Coffee Club believes that it is essential that prospective franchisees fully understand the conditions of their investment in a The Coffee Club franchise, and we insist that these advices are obtained before we will enter into a franchise agreement.

Q. Is there a standardised procedure that I am required to follow?

A. Yes, that’s the beauty of franchising! Even with little or no experience in the retail hospitality business you will have access to established, tried and tested standardised procedures.

In addition to our thorough training program you will be provided with comprehensive training and operations manuals which clearly set out all relevant procedures. You will also be supported by a dedicated Business Development Manager for the duration of your franchise term.

Q. How do I obtain financing?

A. Most franchisees require a loan to purchase their franchised business. Some banks view franchise lending differently to lending for an independent business, and they may take into account the strengths and capabilities of the franchisor, particular for a large and well established brand. This means that obtaining finance is often easier when you are investing in a franchised business.

To further assist with this process, The Coffee Club has developed strong relationships with major banks, and we are an accredited franchise system with NAB, ANZ, Westpac and BoQ. We can provide contact details for the franchise managers at these banks on request.

Q. What is the investment required to open a franchise with The Coffee Club?

A. The initial investment for a Greenfield site depends on a range of factors, including the model of outlet (read more about our different store outlets here), site location and specifications, and lease terms. The initial investment can range from $450,000 plus GST to $750,000 plus GST.

Q. What will be my return on investment?

A. Calculating the return on investment before a business commences is difficult because of the variables involved, and we can’t guarantee a level of return. The Coffee Club is committed to assisting its franchisees establish and grow their business. However, the profitability of a business is often reliant on the commitment and contributions of the owner.

We recommend that anyone interesting in investing in a franchised business take into consideration both financial and non-financial matters. For example, many franchisees joining our network tell us that in addition to financial rewards they are seeking independence and flexibility which are benefits that often only come with owning your own business.

Q. Do you have opportunities for multi-site development?

A. Yes, however you must be an existing Franchisee and must be approved by us as a multi-site operator. Our support team work closely with our franchisees that wish to qualify, and we have several very successful multi-site operators in our network.

Q. Will I be able to sell the business in the future?

A. Yes, the franchised business is yours to sell. The franchise agreement sets out the requirements for a sale, and the prospective buyer will need to go through our standard recruitment and selection process.

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