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Meet Michaela: Head of Coffee

After 35 years caffeinating Australia, The Coffee Club is changing it up with the launch of their new coffee brand, Three Stories™.

Backed by 28 years of esteemed coffee industry experience, The Coffee Club’s Head of Coffee, Michaela Gerard sheds a light on Australian café culture and the creation of Three Stories™. 

“The way coffee is made today is nothing like it used to be, in an amazing way – the only thing that’s the same is that we still use beans,” Michaela says.  

From milks to machinery, the coffee-making process has been through a revolution over the years, so it is without doubt that café culture has also.   

“The café culture in Australia is so highly regarded across the world,” Michaela says. “Even in the 90s, people were raving about Melbourne as a coffee hub, even before specialty coffee became a thing”.  

Michaela is a world certified coffee judge and while she has sampled thousands of different coffees over the years, you might expect her to be a bit of a coffee purist, but Michaela can’t go past a reliable flat white.  

For a nation known for their love and reputation for quality coffee and cafes, it was clear developing a new blend for The Coffee Club was a task that couldn’t be taken lightly.   

“While Australians who drink coffee regularly may not know how to quantify with words what makes a good coffee, they know what’s good, and they’re seeking that quality”.

For Three Stories™ Chapter 1. blend, Michaela explains that it uses a high grade of green coffee that is certified specialty graded.

This type of specialty graded coffee need not be overly developed in the roasting process, as it will achieve optimal flavour at a medium roast level. The quality of Three Stories™ has been of utmost importance in the creation of this new coffee which innately speaks for itself.  The India Sethuramam Estate where they source their Robusta coffee from has been awarded the world’s best Robusta 8 times.   

“The blend is a complex, sweeter, smoother experience, with beans from three origins”. Michaela says, adding that it has subtle notes of dark chocolate, sticky toffee and roasted hazelnut flavours that can be picked up even by novice coffee enthusiasts.   

She describes the coffee as being crafted for everyone, from coffee enthusiasts to casual drinkers, to enjoy however they like it while being elevated, flavourful and consistent.  

“It’s quite punchy and will make you feel like you’ve had a coffee. It’s a good all-round coffee – it doesn’t matter who you are, you’re going to like this coffee”.

As the first update to the coffee blend in over 35 years, Three Stories™ marks a significant milestone for The Coffee Club, promising a taste of what's to come. The release of Three Stories™ coincides with The Coffee Club’s partnership with MasterChef Australia 2024. This launch sets the stage as they embark on the journey to a refreshed and vibrant future as part of Australia’s renowned coffee and café culture.

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